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10 ways to prevent falls

How healthy are your bones? You may have no idea until you break a bone while trying to open a stubborn window or bend down to pick up something that fell on the floor. Or even worse, if you unexpectedly fall off a curb or trip over an extension cord.

One of the most important goals in managing osteoporosis, which weakens bones, is to prevent fractures that can threaten independence, limit mobility, cause depression, pain, injury, and even death.

These 10 easy-to-follow steps will help you protect yourself:

  1. Clear your floors of clutter and any items that can easily trip you up, including cords, extensions, or rugs.

  2. Keep staircases, entrances, and pathways well lit and install nightlights in your bedroom and bathroom.

  3. Immediately clean up any spills on the floor.

  4. Wear shoes with rubber soles for better grip. Avoid walking around the house in socks.

  5. Avoid climbing on a chair or stool to reach for items. Keep frequently used items in easily accessible drawers.

  6. Add handrails to your bathtub and use non-slip mats on the bathroom floor.

  7. Be cautious of pets that are underfoot. Falling after tripping over a dog or cat is a common cause of falls.

  8. Discuss with your doctor whether any of the medications you are taking cause dizziness, affect balance, or have other side effects that can make you more susceptible to falls.

  9. Engage in physical exercises that improve balance, coordination, and strengthen muscles, such as yoga or tai chi.

  10. Regularly check your vision and update your glasses prescription to match the ones prescribed during your check-up.

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