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​We, from the Idein Development Foundation and IJSFontein bv, are partners in TEAM - Academy for Successful Adults and together with you, the people 55+,  we will rush  in the adventure of living happily and working successfully in the digital world.



In constant dialogue with you we will prepare useful trainings with game elements that will make you love technology and easily handle it in your daily life.  


What will you learn in our Academy while having fun and at the same time becoming more confident, independent and ready for the challenges of the world around you:

  1. Digital skills that will make it easier for you to use online content, services and communication - from paying taxes to checking your pension, shopping online or making an appointment for a doctor;

  2. For those of you who are still working, and there are many of them, we will prepare training modules that will help you feel comfortable when attending or organizing online meetings, will present you with digital tools for planning and  job reporting to improve your productivity while working from home or in a hybrid office; 

  3. COVID-19 changed the lives of all of us, but for those working remotely 55+ work-life balance has become the core of their personal well-being. Since the work environment will never be the same again, more tricks and techniques on how to find the best balance and ensure your wellbeing are always useful. Expect innovative as content and fun as a way of learning trainings.


Why do we do it? Because digital competencies are vital for everyone today. Because 55+ people are an active part of our society and must have the knowledge and skills to fully live and work in the digital world, to be sustainable and able to meet the challenges of modern digital life and technology.

The Academy for Successful 55+ is for all active, curious, creative and knowledge-loving people who are not afraid to learn and experiment with new things.

We, for our part, will strive to create an environment in which you are motivated to study together, have fun and improve. This will be taken care of by our teams of international specialists, who are one of the best in Europe in training with elements of play.  

We are expecting you!

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