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Empowering Elders: Celebrating the Success of TEAM Project in Digital Inclusion

🎉 We are thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of our project “TEAM: Cooperation for thriving elder academy”, made possible through a fantastic collaboration with our partner, IJSfontein Holding BV from the Netherlands. 🌟

🌍 Background:

In response to the evolving challenges of the COVID19 pandemic, we recognized the growing digital divide among older individuals. The project, in close partnership with IJSfontein, set out to empower this demographic, ensuring they thrive in the new digital work and life environment.

The project is funded with support from the European Commission under the #Erasmus + program, KA210-ADU - Small-scale partnerships in adult education.

🎯 Objectives:

Our main goals were to build cross-border partnerships, develop gamified online training content, and enhance the digital skills of adults aged 55 and older. Together with IJSfontein, we aimed to prevent digital exclusion, social isolation, and difficulties in accessing essential services online.

🚀 Implementation:

Throughout the project we conducted more than 10 networking online meetings, developed engaging gamified online courses, and implemented a successful pilot training program involving 20 elders. Our dissemination materials spread the word about the project's outcomes and highlighted the importance of digital skills for older adults.

🌟 Results:

We are proud to share the tangible results of our joint efforts with IJSfontein:

  • Increased quality in the work of participating organizations with enhanced transnational cooperation.

  • Successful exchange of experiences leading to the development of gamified educational content.

  • Twenty people aged 55+ participated in the pilot online trainings, enhancing their digital skills and competences.

  • Improved digital skills and competences of adults aged 55 and older, thanks to the collaborative efforts with IJSfontein and the financial support of #Erasmus+ program.

🌐 Access Trainings and Results:

All our trainings and project results are accessible through our dedicated website and are shared on the  Erasmus+ project results page. Explore the wealth of resources and insights to empower older adults in their digital journey!

🙌 Gratitude:

A heartfelt thank you to IJSfontein Holding BV for their outstanding cooperation. Together, we've made a positive impact on the lives of 55+ adults facing digital challenges.

🌈 Future:

As we wrap up this project with IJSfontein, we envision it as a stepping stone towards inclusive digital education for older individuals. Let's continue to bridge the digital gap, encourage lifelong learning, and foster intergenerational interaction.

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