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Working on Computer

Basics of remote work

Over the years, telecommuting, or a remote workplace, has become more common and more popular, especially as new technologies make it easier for coworkers to work farther and farther apart.

Whether you're just now adjusting to working remotely or have worked remotely for many years, it's possible that something in your current remote work environment could be improved. Maybe it's the physical space, the devices you use, or your email or calendar software. Whatever it is, this course covers practical strategies that will help you get organized, be productive, and find satisfaction in your work.

We start with the basics of telecommuting: what is telecommuting and what makes for a productive telecommuting environment? We will explore organizational and time management strategies and discuss key components to maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

After completing this course you should be able to:

  • You know the definition of telecommuting;

  • Assess your readiness to work remotely;

  • You recognize key components of an organized workspace;

  • You identify strategies for successful time management and goal setting.

Working on Computer
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