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24% of Bulgarians have never used the Internet - the highest level of non-use in the European Union!


  • In 2020, Bulgaria is in 27th place in the use of Internet services among the countries of the European Union;

  • The most preferred device for accessing the Internet outside of home or work is the mobile phone, but only 14% of Bulgarians over the age of 65 use a smart phone, and only 6.1% use laptops and tablets;

  • Only 13% of Internet users in Bulgaria use online banking;

  • Only 8.9% of people 55+ shop online, and over 65 - only 2.1%.

If the results of the surveys conducted by the National Statistical Institute, international studies and other sources are taken into account, it can be concluded that the elderly in Bulgaria have to deal with serious gaps in their digital and media literacy.

Source: Situation Analysis Report, [Bulgaria]

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