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Secrets of online communication for everyone over 55

What you will learn


The module aims to provide people over 55 with the necessary communication skills in the digital world to communicate freely with their families and friends.

You will learn how to better and safely use the digital tools you are familiar with such as email, video calls and social media.

At the end of the module you will:

  • You know more about digital communication

  • You can receive and send emails

  • You can use video to communicate with others

  • You can use social media safely


We've designed the module so that you can complete it within a few hours, but you choose your own pace and can  come through it in a week or a month.

Method of conducting

The module is available via  our eLearning platform, which allows you to access the content from your computer or mobile device. It offers many interactive features if you choose to train in a team with friends.

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